Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Night At The Lake

Walking through the night I've lived
No one's ever there
Talking through the grief I've had
But no one ever cares

Crossing the creek bridge with my head down
I realize there is another man sporting a frown

Walking faster I gave a glance at him
Was he normal was he sane?
Peeking through the ferns; he suddenly yelled for Jane.

I was for sure not the person he was searching for
But aghast for what my eyes have seen
His shirt is ripped with all blood and gore
Fore my eyes are very keen

Jane! Jane! was all he could say

standing on that sand

Should I approach, run, or just remain where I stand?

Horror pumping through my veins.
I don't want to stay a while
He waded in with his pains
Inserting himself like a file

Next I saw him sink away
No struggle, No signs of resistance
Then I saw a ghost sway
Rising up in the distance

But it wasn't the man in the lake
It seemed like a person
She was dead, but awake
Lakeside there were no tears to worsen

The reunited left the lake
Deep forests lost their figure
Was this real or was it fake
To me the event was hard to configure.

The next day the lake had gone
No puddle to be splashed
There was just a little fawn
Which a bullet had swiftly slashed

I went home with the fawn
Gently caressing its body and head
And buried it in the lawn
I kept diggin and strangly found uncle ted
He had blood stains,
and his shirt was soaked
Hand clasped with another
Thinking back, I nearly choked

Then I went inside and asked Sherry
Was Uncle Ted was single for all his life?
He liked a girl in the forest who picked berry's
She responded "but yes, he had no wife"
But she tragically died in the lake last week
But dont tell ted yet, otherwise he'll freak

"Well Sherry come look out here"
I went out the door
And the Fawn was alive as a grown deer
And nothing but a green grass floor
What was happening what did I see
Blood on my soul as i fell to my knee.

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